Horse racing is the second most attended sport in the UK, and one which desperately needs the tech innovation available today. This is both the problem and solution.

Involvement: Art Director, Product Designer, Presenter
Categories: Brand, Web, Digital, Motion
Duration: 2016 - 2019

During branding, a research trend was clearly present: horses are a huge part of the sporting communities’ lives. This is not just a game or job to them. Similarly competitor markets highlighted a common usage of horse visuals, so my exploration was largely in the history of how horses have been depicted and expressed. How can we contribute to the industry’s theme of logos horse more effectively? not showing the animal; rather capturing it in a simple form. Making you look to see what it is and recognise the iconic stride. Just being different to everyone else by building a brand on the raw energy, movement and anticipation which each race makes you feel.

At it’s core the Racing Manager is dedicated to bringing the racing experience to everyone. Part of that means better communication with your community of extremely busy trainers, managers and fellow owners - something we acheived through intuitive one handed gestures on the app‘s experience, pivotal news feeds for both user generated and automatic statistic updates, not to mention the industry changing white label interface designs for each syndicate to utilise.