Every standard starts with a problem which needs solving. Ours was that student housing is exactly that. Housing. Nothing more. With the new brand Future Generation, we’re creating the more.

Involvement: Art Director, Interior Consultant, Copywriter
Categories: Brand, Web, Videography, Copywriting
Duration: 2018 - 2019

The market concentrates on a product rather than the experience, and other accommodations cater to what a student is perceived to be as opposed to who student really is. So we ditched big brash colours and cliché imagery that might patronise, instead speaking with and commissioning local students to write insights on their cities, all to make those who are moving there feel as though they are already in a place they can call home. We curated Future Generation to help you become who you want to be by providing a brand which respects you, encourages you to network, collaborate and relax for your hard work. We believe this is more than your first, second or third year of Uni; it’s the beginning of your success story and adult life. You’ll study along side the next game changer. Live with your next influencer. It’s you who the brand is accommodating for and talking to in such an important transition. Treating students like the adults they are means taking a new stance too. It required us to look at everything differently which is why the brand thrives on unexpected perspectives both physically and literally. It’s why we directed and shot a video unlike any other in the industry and why the project has gone on to win not only multiple awards but kudos from students too.