We’re not showing you the huge expensive venues. That’s not what you need for a special or informal occasion. Instead we’re providing a place for you to find, manage and avertise a local, low cost space.

Involvement: Art Director, Product Designer, Illustrator
Categories: Brand, Web, Motion, Digital
Duration: 2016 - 2018

Booking Spaces is a brand built around local community. Seeing an opportunity to improve the antiquated reservation methods and promote a new leese of life into these small places, our aim was to create an extremely welcoming character which assured a straight forward, enjoyable and affordable nature. A USP of ‘budget’ needn’t look cheep either. In making Booking Spaces playful yet respectible through all touchpoints, we can suggest low cost without any impact on quality. An example of this is how I crafted the logotype from playdoh for a truly trustworthy human charm. Having Open Sans as the brand’s core font brought a no-nonsense, accessible and easily legible experience, however knowing most venue owners were less tech savvy lead us to include Calibri too; a commonly preinstalled font allowing any manager to create assets in a soft Booking Spaces style. The interface was then designed to maximise our clearly recognisable colour palette and be laid out in a clean, ultra simple manner. Bespoke illustrations I drew acted as mascots to not only guide or support users but also carry the brand’s personality. Accompanied by custom copywriting, we built the brand’s professional yet conversational tone to be rooted in the tradition of verbally booking local spaces.