“A catalyst for curious minds to explore and push the possible.” Vitamin London’s Clinic is a gateway into our studio’s approach and a chance to publicly collaborate with an industry of progressive artists.

Involvement: Art Director, Videographer
Categories: Brand, Event, Motion, Digital
Duration: 2016 & 2017

Hosted in 2016 and 2017, Vitamin Clinic is a studio organised event which invites the public to see our, and aligning artists’, world perspectives. Being one of the core team members involved in both Clinics I was responsible for all branding and promotional video content. Where the first event hung on a disruptive sci-fi aesthetic to capture the attention of audiences, the second had it’s branding themed around ‘the Digital Interface Layer’; much like refraction this is the amount of distortion a message or idea is subjected to via different mediums between the point of intention and consumption. In response I built the brand around a duality of black and white, using ambiguous noise to link between the two. The logo itself was a hybrid of 3D printing and hand crafting which was then stylistically lit, photographed, and remastered to complete a cycle through physical against digital. These were further animated in Cinema 4D and incorporated into a series of artist interviews myself and a colleague wrote, shot and edited. Under my role of Art Director I also played a part in approving the exhibitors and importantly how they were spread throughout the venue to best curate visitors’ experiences. Overall these efforts featured Clinic in The London Design Festival, OXO Tower, Timeout, Londonist, The List and Tech London as well as through radio interviews, and each of our exhibiting artist’s own channels. Where Clinic 1 was a huge success in its own right, partnering with VR pioneers, Clinic 2 saw over 10,000 guests over it’s 5 day duration.