Its 2016 and D&AD have released their New Blood project briefs: “We asked 50 young creatives from all over the world what they wanted most from their industry. They said Bravery.” I said yes.

Involvement: Art Director, Product Designer, Copywriter
Categories: Brand, Web, Motion, Digital
Duration: 2015

Bravery in our or any other industry is a trait of absolute survival. And while I could have shown concepts of lions comically as designers, or illustrators traversing mountain peaks formed of pencils, I realised that while promoting an outlook of confidence, these don’t approach it in a truly new way. Understanding that bravery is a journey and not the destination, I rooted this project in helping those around me facing the difficulties a creative profession can impose; we expose our raw ideas for the world to scrutinise, and therefore scrutinise who we are too. We venture into the unknown and overcome obstacles along the way. After all, what is true bravery without vulnerability? So I spent days talking to fellow practitioners in building a variety of now over 70 symptoms, each named, defined, and given a paragraph of advice to help those inflicted overcome it; the Survival Guide, an exploration into the subject of mental health and well being for students, juniors and senior professionals alike. This book is then supported by Stitch - a web and app platform providing users inspiration across every practice, forums to talk and collaborate on, as well as a quarterly publication of the site curated by industry leaders who share their fears and advices too. To this date the project has recieved excellent feedback on its empathy.