There’s a gap for an English speaking mobile service aimed at the millions of Brits now living in Europe, and we’re aware of many frustrations people faced; Endless options, little to no support... So we listened.

Involvement: Art Director, Photographer, UI Designer, Animator
Categories: Photography, Motion, Web, Digital
Duration: 2015

Lobster, affectionaly named after the distinct red-pink colour British holiday makers turn in the sun abroad, isn't some crazy technical company... at least not to its audience. Working on this project in collaboration with branding agency Lawless, my role was to extend the art direction into Lobster’s web presence. This naturally included user interface design and more specifically the animation of brand assets, and videography for new assets. To me, all drawings and movement needed to feel just as simple as the product; Animating with a choppy frame rate gave a suitably warm ‘flick book’ character; we wanted the minimal amount of input to make something seem effortlessly alive and almost as if anyone could do it. Further refining instances of motion I split everything into three categories; focal, ambient and narrative styles which would guide our viewers through long journeys, emphasise key information and generally give enjoyment through little experiences. When undertaking the videography, we questioned every prop in detail - what would this brand be if it were a teapot, spoon or biscuit? - ultimately to get the absolute best pick of items keeping in mind a balance between something timeless and modern, and yet still really evoking a sense of familiarity. Lobster might seem like a clear cut brand but there are so many facets to it; quaint but stylish all with a carefully polite interaction. The project has since won multiple design awards, and I have undertaken filmed interviews with many key people within the process.