What exactly does Santa do every day other than Dec 25th? He works out mercilessly. He’s into things which are absolutely ‘un-christmassy’. Gangstaclaus, this festive game campaign, is just what you expect.

Involvement: Art Director, UI Designer, Animator
Categories: Brand, Web, Motion, Digital
Duration: 2015

Each Christmas at the studio we try and create an unexpected yet memorable, creative and light hearted campaign to share with the world. Owning a joyful aesthetic for a brutal game, all designs were sketched in concept art, then digitised into 8-bit graphics with each state of sprite, scenery, and ui itterated by hand. The other theme we wanted to work in is that of a dual world; Santa running to escape a looming evil, hurtling towards Christmas. Somewhat paradoxically, as he runs from this evil he’s intent on machine-gunning and rocket- launchering his way through elves and reindeer. And here you are. Using a QR code you’re able to link your phone as a retro 8-bit NES controller to become the King of Christmas. GangstaClaus subsequently won the hearts, screen time and battery lives of thousands. Having released a promotional video to hype the launch, we looked towards different marketing. Fliers would get thrown away, so why not give them purpose? I created cheeky greeting gards to give away in busy stations which were bold, humorous, and importantly useful. Beyond an excess of 7000 users we got features in Muzli, Noupe, Awwwards, Reddit and Glug. Next in line are assets for an inspired follow-up named “The Commute”. Racing against the work clock you’ll dodge, fight and hurl abuse at the infuriating public swarms. From cyclists, to clipboarders and those tourists with the huge rucksacks (not to mention the odd grey pigeon), you’ll slam city coffee and smash 8-bitty buttons to win.