The name is just an indication as to how stupidly over the top, laughably cliché, and adrenaline fuelled this event I organise for my friends is. Taking nothing seriously, the weekend it spans is seriously good.

Involvement: Art Director, Organiser
Categories: Craft, Photography, Brand, Motion
Duration: 2015 & 2017

Ok I lied. A lot is taken seriously. Despite essentially being a party for a group of 15 friends I enjoy treating this as a live project: developing an entire brand identity, logistics and budgetting for the activities, building a once-in-a-lifetime centrepiece surprise, even preparing collateral such as invitations and promos. Being hired straight out of Uni I never really had a pause in my life to spend with friends, so having such a break motivated me to put together a spectacular way to make up for this.

Event #1

The first Man Day in 2015 touted Primal Instincts. Emblazing predator bear skulls scratched as the logo. Big chiselled serifs. Emphasising the wilderness with activities of sword swinging, woodland rifle shooting, and a roaring bonfire. Foremost however was the 9ft dinosaur I built from reclaimed wood and set alight as the night’s ceremony. Why do it? In the process of destroying it, the rhythmic movement and engulf of flames was the absolute pinnacle in bringing that scultpure to life.

Six month of careful planning coming together for an epic two day event.


In 2017 I then returned with Man Day Remengeance (terrible pun 100% intended). This time themed around the ott neon future 80’s style of action films, music and importantly gaming. Constructing 4 arcade cabinets and my friend a gaming table, we hosted our very own personal arcade bar for the night which also included bowling, pool and a dancefloor. The consoles ran a dual sided 8 player Halo tournament, Time Crisis with lightguns, a Dancemat, Super Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat and PS4’s Wipeout. The third event, in planning now, will be even better.